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Online Roulette - The Classic Casino Game

Even if you have never been to a Casino before, you will know the game Roulette. It is one of the most popular classic games on the Casino floor. It is a game of pure chance and luck which makes the thrill of the win even more exciting.

Online Roulette is every bit as exciting as the game you will find at a 'real' Casino and you can play from your own home if you have a PC or laptop with an internet connection. You can play for cash, or if you prefer, you can play just for fun.

Get your Casino Bonus

When choosing an online Casino you will likely find that you will be offered some sort of bonus or incentive when you sign up. This means that your first few spins of the wheel could be 'on the house'. If you haven't played online Roulette before, this is a great opportunity to get the feel of the game.

When you sign up with an online Casino, it is likely that you will be required to open an account with them. Sometimes they will deposit a few £$ in your account to get your started, other companies offer a match system where they will match your initial (or first few) deposit up to a set value. You will need this account to pay for your bets, as well being able to cash out your winnings.

Download for free

In most cases, online Roulette is available to download for free and in some cases, you won't need to download at all. An increasing number of online Casinos are taking advantage of new flash technology where you can play online without downloading a thing to your computer.

Just as in a real Casino, you can choose between American or European online Roulette, the American version has the additional 00 square. The game is exactly the same as in a real casino, the same rules and strategies apply with the added benefit of being in your own home and being able to take as much time as you need.