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Playing Online Slots at Casino Epoca

The Simple Slot Machine

The slot machine began life over a hundred years ago, as a three wheel, five symbol mechanism. A simple game to understand and even simpler to play, it is little wonder its popularity skyrocketed. Rather than being a game of practice and strategy, slots are a game of chance and it is this possibility of being able to win the big jackpots from just one spin that attracts players.

Win Big Online Slots Games

The principles of slot games today are much the same, though what a slot machine offers has widened vastly, especially since the introduction of computer screens and the online casino. No longer just a three wheel spin, games offer a number of different reels as well as themes and bonus rounds to not only increase the fun but to top up any winnings, often by unbelievable amounts! From old-school style three reel slots to five reel themed extravaganzas, whether this is mermaids or movies, there is a game for everyone.

So, why choose to play slots online rather than in a regular land based casino? Firstly, for the convenience and comfort of playing from home, whether from sofa, bed or kitchen table, slot games can be played anywhere with internet access and with no need to even leave the house! Additionally, the online casino is ready whenever you are, all just a click of a button away with no queuing to play.

Secondly, players choose online casino games for the variety on offer, with each slots game given its own theme, storyline, bonus features and jackpots to really make the experience a more exciting one each time!

Betting odds are the same in both land based and online casinos. However, winnings online have the potential to be even greater and players even have the opportunity to test out games for free, something a land-based casino would never offer!

With all the advantage that online slots offer, it is easy to see how it has become a firm favourite of the gambling world!