Casino Época Brings You Online Blackjack

There are top class, professional dealers at Casino Época, and we want you to take them on and see if you can beat them! We are Bermuda’s most prestigious online casino, and our Blackjack dealers are really Microgaming’s cutting-edge software.

We really do want you to beat the online Blackjack dealers, though, because we love nothing more than making players happy with big, fat payouts. Enjoy all the action of the world’s most popular card game’s European and American variations. Make 21 points your goal, and you could win at any time of day or night.


All the Best 21 Action

There is no settling for second best at Casino Época. Powered by a software provider with a solid reputation for excellence, our casino online offers you a fine selection of titles, so you can play your favourite game the way you like it.

What’s more, the action you enjoy offers you the same electrifying atmosphere you would experience at the tables of the world’s most exclusive casinos. This is thanks to not only traditional gameplay, but also to luscious graphics and animation, as well as realistic sound effects. You can also take your pick from a collection that includes top online slots, Roulette, and many other options.

European and American 21

Our online Blackjack games are based on either the European or the American variations. The European variation is the classic form of the game, and sees the dealer receive 1 card at the beginning. The second card that completes the dealer’s hand is dealt once you have made your move.

The American variation is a later development, and includes a few changes that take the intensity to the max. The dealer also receives 2 cards to start. However, the dealer need not wait for you to make your first move before checking the hand for a natural Blackjack.

The 2 variations that form the basis of our casino games for players in Bermuda have been tweaked in different ways in various places, and they have been influenced by the possibilities of online gaming. This means you can enjoy an array of betting options as well as other innovations when you play 21 with us.

Get to Grips with Blackjack

Being a card game that combines luck and strategy to put players on an even footing with the house makes online Blackjack an attractive option. It also creates the impression among some players that it is a difficult game to play.

Get that nonsense out of your head, because you can learn to play 21 in no time. It will take you a bit longer to master it, but the best things in life are worth the effort.

To start, you need to place a bet, so ensure the coin value and bet level suit your bankroll. Click the play button once you have made your bet, and the cards will be dealt. Both of your cards will be face-up.

If your online Blackjack hand is not worth 21 points, you still have a chance to win. You can play your hand as is by selecting the stand option, or you can improve the total by hitting for another card or by splitting your hand into 2 new hands, and taking a new card for each of them.

The dealer’s full hand will be revealed when you have made your move. If your total is higher than the dealer’s and does not exceed 21 (known as busting), the prize is yours.

Action When You Want It

There is no need to miss out on the action of 21. Casino Época’s cutting-edge mobile casino puts Microgaming’s fantastic online Blackjack games within easy reach, whether you are at home or on the move. Play to win with us – our dealers are waiting!