Exquisite Online Roulette

Other than the weird and wonderful gadgets, the eccentric, mega-rich villains are usually the best thing about action-packed spy hero movies. Such cinematic bad guys seem to share a love of Roulette, but then again, who – villain or otherwise – can resist a game that uses what looks like a spinning wheel to produce the winning results?

Indulge in the classic action of one of the most iconic casino games of all time. Powered by Microgaming, Casino Época brings you Bermuda’s most exquisite online Roulette, and you can play it for real money whenever you feel like it!


It’s Not Complicated

One thing you need to know about the game named after the little wheel at the centre of it tables is that it is tricky, but not complicated. The goal of online Roulette is to guess the landing-spot of the small silver or white ball that is dropped into the wheel once it starts spinning. Depending on which variation you are playing, there are 37 or 38 pockets in which it could land.

Those numbered 1 – 36 are coloured either black or red. In the European and French variations, the single remaining pocket is green, and marked 0. In the American variation, the remaining 2 pockets are green, and marked 0 and 00, respectively. Play the game at our Bermudan online casino, where you can also find online Blackjack, online slots, and many other favourites.

Basic Roulette Bets

Online Roulette’s famous wheel tends to get all the attention; so much so, that some Bermudan players new to the game might be surprised to learn about the betting track. In addition to the wheel, the tables also feature a track or tracks that display the various bets you can place.

The European and American variations usually feature only 1 track, while the French variation usually has 2 tracks, 1 of which is a smaller one with special bets. The main tracks are divided into 2 main areas; 1 on the outer edge, and 1 on the inside.

The bets on the outer edge are called outside bets. They cover a broad range of options, and pay even money. Bet on an odd or even number to win, a high or low number to win, or a red or black pocket to win.

The bets on the inner edge of the online Roulette track are called inside bets. They are the individual numbers that appear on the wheel. However, you can turn up the heat by betting on groups of numbers, and you can place multiple bets.

Find the Game You Love

Casino Época brings you a brilliant range of titles that offer you not only the traditional gameplay of a true classic; they also have innovative features that could make things more exciting or convenient. What you choose to play, of course, is up to you, so try them all, and find your favourites.

European online Roulette is a good start if you are new to the game. The single-0 wheel means a low house edge of 2.70% and the betting options are easy to understand.

Add some cosmopolitan flair to the action with the French variation. The wheel also offers a low house edge of 2.70%, but you also get the additional thrills of neighbour and call bets, as well as the generosity of the La Partage rule.

American Roulette is perfect for players who love living on the edge. The higher house edge of 5.26%, that is! There is just that much more chance the ball will land in a green 0 or 00 pocket, but guess correctly, and spectacular payouts could be yours!