Excellent Mobile Blackjack at Casino Época

For more than 3 centuries, Blackjack has bewitched, beguiled, and thoroughly enchanted players. If the top-rated titles available at Casino Época are anything to go by, the most popular of all card-based casino games has not lost any of its power.

In fact, powered by Microgaming, the game is getting better and better. Never have so many innovations and special features been part of the game, and never has playing it been so convenient. Our licensed and regulated Canadian online casino is the perfect place to unpack the thrills, the suspense, and the amazing possibilities of mobile games in which your goal is a hand worth 21 points. Experience it all when you are at home or on the move.

Playing Mobile Blackjack

Placing an opening bet is how you start all Blackjack mobile games at our online casino in Canada. As soon as you tap the play button, the virtual playing cards will be dealt. You will receive 2 cards face-up, whereas the dealer may receive a single face-up card, or 2 cards, only 1 of which is face-up.

The difference in the dealer’s cards depends on whether you are playing casino games based on the European or American variation. Start planning your move as soon as you receive your cards. Your options are to hit for another card, to double your bet and play your hand, to simply play your hand, or to split your cards and take 2 new cards to form 2 new hands. The online casino dealer’s full hand is then revealed so that the winner can be determined.

Where Chance and Strategy Meet

Blackjack mobile games are the place where chance and strategy rendezvous. Online Slots, Mobile Roulette, and Baccarat, for example, are all games in which you are the plaything of Lady Luck. Apart from being able to use betting systems, you do not have much scope for strategic play.

This is not the case with Blackjack. As there are only so many cards in the deck, you can see 1 of the dealer’s cards. You get to decide what moves you make once you have your first 2 cards in hand. There is also room for you to use Blackjack strategy with great success. Nothing will guarantee a win, but a good game-plan can go a long way to being able to navigate virtually any combination of cards that appears on the table. Have you got what it takes to face the dealer in a battle of wits, or will you simply cast yourself upon the mercy of capricious Lady Luck? Play at Casino Época, and find out.

The Quality of Microgaming

For more than 20 years, software provider Microgaming has garnered award after award for its contribution to online casino and mobile games. Its Blackjack strategy games are particularly renowned.

Their popularity rests upon their unbelievably realistic graphics and sleek animation, as well as on how easy they make playing 21 on smartphone and tablet. The experience is fully immersive, and one that you can enjoy at any time of the day or night at Casino Época.