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Online Keno is all about numbers, and the luckier they are, the better! Experience the fast and fun winning opportunities it offers at Casino Época.

Having originated centuries ago in China, the game was once known as Chinese Lottery. When it was used to help raise funds for the building of the Great Wall, it was played using traditional pictograms. Immigrants brought the game to North America during the 19th century, where the Chinese characters were replaced with numbers so US and Canadian players could join in the action-packed fun. Ever since, it has been one of the most widely-played casino games, and most top-notch establishments feature at least one Keno lounge.

Our online casino is powered by an award-winning software provider, which means we boast nothing less than Canada’s most luxurious online Keno titles. Every single one of them is quick and easy to play, and offers you significant chances to win luscious CA$ payouts. Get set to choose your numbers and see how lucky they are.

Playing Keno Online

If you have ever played one of Canada’s lotteries, you will be no stranger to the gameplay of the so-called Chinese Lottery. The basics involve placing a bet, selecting numbers on a ticket, and submitting the ticket for the draw.

In most Keno online casino games, the numbers available range from 1 to 80. While you can select as many as 15 numbers, a good strategy to try is to select 11 numbers. You could get away with selecting as few as 7, as payouts start from as few as 3 matching numbers, but with an 11-number selection, the odds are more in your favour, plus you stand a chance to win bigger payouts.

When you have placed a bet, and selected the numbers for your ticket, submit the ticket by clicking the play button. The results will appear on the screen (how this happens varies from title to title), and will highlight for every matching number on your ticket. Play Keno casino games, and see if you can get every one of the results to match for the biggest payouts possible.


Powered By the Best

Casino Época’s online casino Canada is powered by Microgaming, a software provider widely regarded as the best of all. Rather than being based on vague fantasies and empty promises, the provider’s online Keno and other casino games run smoothly, can be played with the utmost convenience, look good, and produce results certified fair.

Rather than being limited to a format that matches the way the game is usually played, fabulous HD graphics and animations will place you in a plethora of exciting settings and situations. The best part is, other than placing an opening bet and selecting numbers, you do not need to do a single, solitary thing. As long as those results keep appearing on the screen, you stand a chance to get your hands on CA$ winnings. Play Keno, online slots, Blackjack strategy games, Video Poker, and much more at Casino Época.