Spin and Win with Casino Época Mobile Slots

Slots are by far the first choice for players, and this is true at land-based, online, and mobile casinos. Casino Época is proud to make some of the very best of these accessible to you by means of your Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows device as well as PC, and you can have fun playing them from anywhere nowadays.

There are many different ways to enjoy slots, and the Video slot machines have beautifully executed themes for you immerse yourself in as you spend some time relaxing right here. We’ve got games to fit in with a range of betting stakes, and you will find something that suits you with ease, enjoying them in free mode before you commit to real money play, of course!

The beauty of these games is that every player is in with exactly the same chance of a win, since there is no strategy required. The luck factor governs your gameplay, and this is a wonderful way to take a load off, turn your monkey brain off, and simple enjoy finely detailed icons, very profitable bonus features like Scatters and Wilds, and even a Progressive Jackpot or 2! For those seeking a bit of a challenge, try our other casino games such a online Baccarat or Blackjack.

How to Spin the Reels and Win

The rules are incredibly simple: select the size of your bet by choosing a coin denomination and amount of these to be played, review the paytable in order to make sure you know what your winning combinations look like, and select Spin. That’s it! If the correct icons line up on 1 of your game’s paylines you will receive a prize, and, in Video slot machine games, there may well be bonus features and special symbols like Wilds and Scatters for you to make use of as well.

These games are the perfect fit for our overworked brains, and there’s a great range for you to choose from whenever you pay us a visit.

The Good Old, Bad Old Days

Charles Fey invented the very first slot machine in 1895, and the machine had 3 reels and 10 symbols on each. You would have pulled a lever to start that games’ reels spinning, but the general rules remain the same. Updated games continued to be developed as the years went by, thanks to the birth of the electromechanical version, released in 1963. This slot machine did not require an assistant to operate it as the previous one did. It also had a hopper that collected the coin wins, and provided bright lights and realistic sounds for players to enjoy.

Fast Forward to the Future

In 1970 the hopper’s size was increased, which lead to a rise in the size of the payouts, and the Random Number Generator came into effect around that time too. To cut a long story short, slots made the leap to the world of internet-based gambling in the 1990s, and have stayed as popular as they ever were thanks to the cutting-edge technology, innovative additional features, interesting themes, and incredible rewards they provide.