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Online Blackjack Basics

Enjoy easy 21 fun at Casino Época. Our premium online blackjack games have been designed to deliver maximum enjoyment to new and experienced players alike.

The game is easy to learn, but takes a lot of practice to master. There are two goals you need to keep in mind; your hand needs to be valued at 21 or as close to as possible, without exceeding, and it needs to be greater than the value of the dealer’s hand.

You will always get two cards at the first online blackjack deal. If your hand is not valued at 21, you can take another card, split your hand, double down, or make other classic moves. Once you’ve made your decision, the dealer’s hole card will be revealed, and the winner will be announced.

Array of Online Blackjack Games

Find an array of online blackjack games at Casino Época. The two most popular versions are the American and European versions.In the European version, the dealer receives only one card at the first deal. In the American version, the dealer receives two cards, one of which will be face down. Depending on the value of the face-up card, the dealer may be able to peek for a blackjack, which is a first-deal hand valued at 21.

Microgaming Online Blackjack

Play Microgaming online blackjack at Casino Época. The award-winning software provider’s versions of the iconic game deliver casino realism in fantastic graphics, animation, and sound.The games run smoothly, and you should be able to navigate the interfaces with no effort at all.

Playing Online Blackjack

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Real Money Online Blackjack

Play online blackjack at Casino Época for opportunities to win real money. Visit our secure banking service, and use your credit or debit card, e-wallet, prepaid card, or another accepted payment method to make a deposit.Sign up for quality online blackjack now!