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Online Keno is a lottery-type game that more and more players around the world are opting for, thanks to how simple the rules are, and the straightforwardness of play. It is a lot like Bingo, and you will be betting on a series of numbers known as Spots in the hope that the Random Number Generator software draws the same ones, giving you Hits, which in turn give you payouts!

The name of the game has Latin or French roots, with quine, the latter, meaning 5 winning numbers, and quini, the former, translating into 5 each. Legend has it that this game began in Ancient China. According to the stories told about the game, it was used to raise funds for an army, to keep a city safe in times of war, but it proved so popular it helped build the Great Wall of China.

Tips and Strategy for Online Games

This game is almost totally based on luck, which is what makes it so much fun to play, but there’s always a little something you can do to get a little luckier:

Choose a set of numbers and play them frequently. By doing so you will more quickly be able to spot which of these come up most often, and you can modify your selection accordingly.

Always check the payout chart before you start playing. It will give you an idea of what you need to do to secure a win, and so give your game focus.

Safe and Secure Real Money Fun

When you play Keno and the other first-rate games we have on hand here at Casino Época, you can do so in total peace of mind. We take your safety very seriously, and have stringent processes in place that ensure your protection 100% of the time.

We have an excellent array of trustworthy banking methods for you to choose from, so not only will the money you deposit be made available to you as soon as it clears, but your winnings are easy to get at, too.

Our customer service representatives are all friendly, knowledgeable, well-trained, and aim to please. Should you run into any kind of issue at any point of your playing, simply call on them in order to get it resolved. Don’t take our word for it. Sign up and see for yourself. Don't forget to try our mobile games such as mobile Blackjack and Mobile Roulette.

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