Enjoy Online Blackjack at Casino Época

Blackjack is one of the biggest draw cards at all land-based casinos, and this is just as true online at Casino Época. We feature a fabulous selection of top quality online Blackjack games available for download and instant play, and you can enjoy them all on your computer or mobile device.

Like our online Slots and online Roulette games, Microgaming also powers our Blackjack games. This means that the games will perform perfectly every time, and you can look forward to immersive, exciting play that’s slick and sophisticated!

The Advantages of Online Blackjack

When you elect to enjoy the Blackjack games available at Casino Época you can do so from anywhere at all, whether reclining comfortably at home, or when out and about when you have a few moments to spare. Our Mobile Casino is as cutting edge as our online site, and delivers top class Blackjack entertainment straight to the palm of your hand.

Understanding The Basics of Blackjack

Your objective in a Blackjack game is to create a hand totalling 21, or as near as you can get to it without exceeding that number, whilst beating the dealer’s hand too.

The game will begin with you placing a bet, after which you and the dealer will receive 2 cards each. You will be able to view your cards, but may be limited to only seeing 1 of the dealer’s cards. Face cards are valued at 10 points, number cards are worth their face value, and Aces are either 1 or 11, depending on what will work best in your hand.

The decisions that you will need to make from this point onwards are where the fun of this game lies, and will depend on the value of the cards you can see, the number of decks the Blackjack game you are enjoying makes available, the moves you are allowed to make, and the other rules specific to the exact Blackjack game you have elected to play.

Once you and the dealer are both Standing, or taking no more cards, everything is revealed. You will take home a payout of 3:2 if your hand’s total is 21, the so-called Blackjack, and, if your hand totals less than 21 but the dealer has gone bust, or both you and the dealer have managed to come in below 21 but yours is closer, your winnings will be calculated at 1:1.

The Best Variations of Online Blackjack

There are a number of different types of online Blackjack for you to enjoy when you spend some time with us at Casino Época. There are even multi-hand games that allow you to play 5 hands at once, and Blackjack tournaments for those who love the challenge of playing against others.

Each of the versions of online Blackjack Casino Época provides will have its own set of rewards and challenges, and you will be using different moves for each. The most common ones are Hitting, which has you receiving an additional card, Standing which sees not take another card, Splitting, which lets you divide a pair of cards of the same type into 2 new hands and get additional cards dealt to each, and Doubling Down, which will have receiving another card and doubling your bet.

There are different rules and requirements for each of these Casino Games, so make sure you know precisely what these are before you put any money down, and have fun finding out the many ways there are to play this first-rate casino game. You can enjoy the games in free mode at first to ensure you find your footing before the wagering begins, too.

Explore the world of winning that Blackjack and Casino Época offers Falkland Island players, and see if you can build a hand of 21 and beat the dealer!