Spin the Roulette Wheel at Casino Época

The first game that springs to mind when people mention the word casino is Roulette, and, even if you have never spun the wheel before, you’re sure to have heard all about it. Roulette is an age-old real money game, and remains as popular today as it ever was, especially at Casino Época’s Falkland Islands casino!

At Casino Época Microgaming powers all our mobile and online versions of this classic casino game. This means that the gameplay is smooth, the functions are flawless, and the sound and visual elements are totally immersive. You’ll feel like you’re playing Roulette in a real casino, in the comfort of your own home.

Stylish, sophisticated online Roulette games are waiting for you right now. Get started playing and winning when you sign up for an account with us today!

How to Play Online Roulette

There is very little difference between online Roulette and the games played in a land based casino, but when you play online you can play faster; which means more chances to win!

During every game of Online Roulette a wheel is spun, and a ball is dropped onto it. This wheel has been divided up into different segments, and you need to place a bet on which of these segments the ball will land in when the wheel stops. You do this by placing your chips onto the marked area of the Roulette table.

American and European Roulette

The 2 most popular variants of online Roulette are European and American. The European Roulette wheel has a total of 36 numbered segments, alternately coloured in red and black, along with a green pocket marked 0. The American version has an additional 0 pocket, the 00 and this pushes the house edge up from 2.70% up to 5.26%. Unlike in online Blackjack you can’t use skill to reduce the house edge, but there a few rules like the la partage and en prison that can reduce the edge.

The Best Bets for Online Roulette           

In online Roulette the simpler wagers are placed along the outside of the table, and are thus known as Outside bets. These have only 2 outcomes, and include Red/Black, First 18/Second 18/ and Odd/Even.

Inside bets are more specific, and ask you to predict on exactly which panel the ball will end up. As the wagers get more exact, the odds increase too, and thus the rewards for these are a lot better.

Play Online Roulette Your Way

Our beautifully designed Microgaming online Roulette games make use of great graphics, amazing animations, super sound-effects, and Random Number Generators that ensure that the outcomes are always totally fair.

We even offer you the chance to marry the ease and convenience of online Roulette play with the opportunity to play on the go, and our Mobile Casino delivers an exceptional entertainment experience straight to your smartphone or tablet. You’ll also find Slots and other popular games optimised for enjoyment on mobile, ensuring everything you need is in the palm of your hand!

Start Enjoying Online Roulette at Casino Época

If you would like to start playing Roulette online or at our Mobile Casino you will be glad to hear just how easy it is to do so. Simply register for your new account, or sign in if you are already one of our lucky members, make your first deposit, claim your Welcome Bonus or other promotions, and get the wheel spinning!

If you are a newcomer, try the game for free at first, and, once you gain more confidence, put yourself in line to win real money rewards. We guarantee you will get the best payouts possible at Casino Época, and that every game of online Roulette will thrill, amuse and reward you in all the best ways!