Amazing Online Slots at Casino Época

At Casino Época you’ll find an impressive array of online Slots in every shape and size. Every one of our incredible Slots, like all our other Casino Games, are powered by Microgaming and provide premium thrills and non-stop action, along with some of the biggest jackpots online. Falkland Islands players will love what we have to offer, and spinning the reels has never been this much fun!

Samba to a Big Slots Win

No matter how simple or complex your preferred Slots game is, they all follow the same basic principle: your objective is to have the appropriate symbols line up in a pre-set position or positions in order to create a set of patterns known as paylines. Much like games of Online Roulette or Online Blackjack, the aim stays much the same regardless of what variant you play, but each game offers something special.

Superior Slots Quality

The online and Mobile Casino games that you can enjoy at Casino Época are of the highest possible quality. All our online Slots are well designed with high-quality sound effects, great graphics, and incredible animations all included. Microgaming is world-renowned for the quality of the games it produces, and we have handpicked the very best of their online Slots for you to enjoy whenever you wish.

Quintessential Classic Slots

Classic Slots games are sometimes also referred to as Reel Slots, or Traditional Slots, and are the closest to what the very first Slots games were like. They have fewer reels, paylines, and special features than other types of Slots do, and this makes them a great choice for newcomers to enjoy. They have wonderfully bright colours, simple designs, and the vintage-styled symbols that will be very familiar to almost all of us. Slots purists, newbies, and those of us who enjoy a slower pace of game will gravitate to these!

State of the Art Video Slots

Although the majority of Slots games today are, technically at least, Video Slots, thanks to the animated reels on screens that they employ, the name Video Slot is reserved for a particular type.

Video Slots are far more detailed than Classic Slots games are, and there is always an overall theme in place. The games’ special features and big bonus rounds are able to generate a lot of interest in this variation of traditional Slots, and their innovative themes make for an interesting gaming experience. With more paylines and additional reels in place for you to enjoy than there are with the Classic version, Video Slots games are a good idea for when you feel like a more immersive, more intense playing session.

Phenomenal Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot prizes can be attached to both Video and Classic Slots games. The games themselves run in the usual manner, but a Progressive Jackpot is triggered either by a certain series of events occurring, or at random. Either way, if you are one of the lucky players to be on the receiving end of this kind of prize, you can rest assured that your life will never be the same again!

The Progressive Jackpot Slots games that Casino Época provides are all linked up, and this means that each and every bet placed by a player anywhere goes towards the central pot, which keeps getting bigger until someone takes it home.

Start Spinning and Winning at Casino Época

Playing Slots games at Casino Época is by far the best way to have fun and win big. Start exploring our impressive selection of online Slots, play your favourite games or find some new ones, and get winning at once. From the latest online Slots to the greatest mobile Slots, you can rest assured, Casino Época has it all!