Play Roulette at Casino Época

Exciting and enchanting, online Roulette is the game dreams are made of! It is a true classic among Casino Games, and you can play the best versions available at Casino Época.

Despite its reputation for action that keeps hearts racing throughout Guyana, it is one of the easiest table games you could play. Whether you play while relaxing at home or, using our excellent mobile casino, while on the move, you are assured of top quality action and entertainment. Sign up at our casino if you do not already have an account, and enjoy even more online Roulette action with our sumptuous bonuses and other promotions.

Online Roulette Strategy and Bets

Whereas a card game such as Blackjack can be improved significantly by strategy, table games such as online Roulette rely mostly upon luck. The design of the wheel means chance comes to the fore, which is the reason the wheel is a symbol of luck around the world.

The closest most players come to using strategy when playing Roulette is to use a betting system, which is more a way of trying to recoup loses while maximising winnings. However, there are some players who know how to make Roulette bets work for them. If you are new to the game, start by placing even-money Outside bets.

When your confidence and knowledge has improved, start introducing Inside bets on specific numbers to your gameplay.

Discover Guyana’s best online Roulette at Casino Época and see if the black and red wheel can make you a winner!

Guyana’s Finest Online Roulette

Powered by Microgaming, an award-winning producer of casino games, the Roulette available 24/7 for your enjoyment recreates the look, feel, and thrills of the real thing. Clear graphics recreate the famous wheel and table with its classic betting track, while superb animations present the action in all its glory. True-to-life sound effects even recreate the feel of playing at a real gaming table in a luxurious casino.

Every real money bet you place on the track could result in exciting real money payouts. Microgaming’s certified Random Number Generator produces all game results at Casino Época. What’s more, the game interfaces have been designed with your comfort in mind, so no matter where or how you play online Roulette, you can enjoy the top-quality gaming you deserve.

Playing Online Roulette

The basics of Roulette have changed very little over its 3-century-long history. All you essentially need to do is bet on the wheel pocket in which you think the ball dropped into the spinning wheel will land.

The wheel of the European version features pockets numbered from 0 to 36. The wheel of the American version features an additional 00 pocket. The 0 and 00 pockets are traditionally coloured green, while the remaining pockets are either black or red. The betting track features 50/50 outside and trickier inside bets. Outside bets cover broad results such as the ball landing in a red or black pocket, or a pocket with an odd or even number. Inside bets let you bet on a specific number, or on several possible results.

A Closer Look: Roulette Variations

As mentioned, the biggest difference between European and American online Roulette is the wheel. That simple difference of the American version’s 00 pocket has a significant effect on the game’s house edge.

The European edition is widely regarded as the friendliest to players in Guyana, because it has a nice, low house edge of 2.70%. On the other hand, the American variation’s house edge is at 5.26%, thanks to the additional pocket. Whereas strategies seldom have an effect on the outcomes of online Roulette games you can play at Casino Época, some of the games feature the La Partage rule. This rule means that half of any lost even-money bets are returned to you.