Spin the Mobile Roulette Wheel at Casino Época

The mobile Roulette you will be enjoying at Casino Época is a version of the game which originated in France. The Little Wheel, in translation, is 1 of the most popular mobile casino games in the world these days, and was also 1 of the first to make the transition to our handsets.

Mobile Roulette allows you to enjoy quick spins from wherever you are, and the game functions in the same way as it does at our online casino. The only difference is that the layout is optimised for the smaller screen you will be using.

Winning With the Little Wheel on the Go

The main component of your Roulette casino game is the wheel for which it is named and a ball that is set to spin along the wheel as it turns. This consists of 36 numbered pockets, alternately coloured in black and red. In the European and French Roulette variations there is an additional green 0 pocket, and the Americans added yet another, the 00, for theirs. You will be betting on where the little ball will land once the wheel comes to a rest.

You will be placing your mobile casino online bets as per the layout on your screen, and if the ball lands on the number or numbers that you bet on, you’ll win!

Betting Options for Players on the Move

It is vital that you have an understanding of the betting options available to you in your mobile casino Roulette game. There are many and varied options, and have a big impact on not only how much you may win, but how much fun you’re having as well.

You can bet on single numbers, or groups of these, made up of just 2 or as many as 18. The most popular wagers in mobile Roulette games are Red or Black, with the former covering the 18 crimson coloured pockets, and the latter encompassing the black ones.

Odd or Even is also a popular wager, and you could even cover 12 numbers in a Column bet, so named because it covers 1 of the 3 vertical columns of numbers on the layout.

Phenomenal Payouts for Mobile Games

Since the different bets cover different quantities of numbers, the payouts will accordingly be varied as well. The Red bets cover 18 numbers, and win very frequently, so this wager has the lowest possible payout, 1:1. The Single bet covers just 1 number, and is thus a more challenging wager, and has the biggest payout at 35:1.

You should choose your wagers according to the level of risk that you are comfortable making. Conservative bettors should stick to wagers more likely to come up, albeit with lower payouts. More daring punters can have a whale of a time with the bets that are statistically more difficult to win. There is also a middle path for Roulette players, and you can wager on groups of 6 or even 12 numbers, or enjoy 1 of these groups every so often, as your mood changes!

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