Online Baccarat at Casino Época New Zealand

Back in the good old, bad old days, Baccarat was only played by the aristocracy and high rollers. There is still a lively debate which continues to this day as to the actual country of origin, with France and Italy having both staked a claim. Irrespective of where it was born, players from New Zealand are now able to enjoy online Baccarat casino games as they please, and at the stakes that suit them, high or low, thanks to Casino Época! 

The Basic Rules of Play

Unlike Blackjack and Poker, online Baccarat games are not available in a large amount of variations. The standard game is played between 2 hands, the Banker and the Player, and there are only 3 possible outcomes. Bear in mind that although the names of the hands may indicate otherwise, neither you nor Casino Época has any influence on the cards dealt during this game. You will be betting on 1 of these hands to beat the other to 9 points, or a Tie occurring.

Totalling Baccarat Hand Values

Individual card values are standard, Ace through 9 being taken at their face value, and Aces as 1, the 10 through to King are worth 0. What’s more, if the total hand value goes into double digits, like, say 11, the left-hand digit falls away, rendering this hand totalling 1 point.

Advice for Online Baccarat Play

There are a couple of tips we’ve got for online casino players of all skill levels who intend to play a game of online Baccarat or 2, all of which will see you banking that much more when it comes to real money play:

Be careful of simply embracing the famous betting systems. While some players swear by them, they are no more likely to win than any other strategy you could think up. Following them blindly may lead you to exhausting your bankroll a lot quicker than you intended.

A popular example of this kind of online casino system is the Martingale, which has you doubling your bet after each loss, and falling back to the original total whenever you win. It can be helpful, but it can also clean you out quite quickly, so approach with caution.

Be sure to have some sort of management system in place for your bankroll when it comes to any kind of online gambling New Zealand has to offer such as mobile Pokies, Baccarat and Blackjack. While it’s a natural part of the process to lose occasionally, don’t ever get to the point where you can’t afford to do so. Decide on an overall budget, and then adapt your playing sessions accordingly to have stress-free playing strategies whenever you visit us.

If you’re new to this age-old classic, start your betting low. This advice works for whichever of our online Baccarat games you are taking part in, as it gives you time to learn the rules and functionality. This is a game of luck, so if you’re not doing so great 1 day, you won’t spend all your money and be able to enjoy it again the next!

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