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Keno is not just one of the oldest casino games around; it’s one of the easiest to play, as well. Legend has it that it was first played in Ancient China, as the government tried to raise funds to support its armies. The huge interest in playing resulted in enough money being accumulated to actually pay for the building of the Great Wall!

Online Keno today is a very popular game choice at Casino Época New Zealand, as it combines incredibly rapid play with the chance to win some significant prizes. It is perfect for casual online casino gamblers.


Lottery Fans Will Love It

Playing online Keno is like taking part in the lottery. Its equipment is 80 virtual balls, numbered from 1 through to 80. Each casino online draw will produce 20 of these, and it is your goal to try to match, or Hit, as many of the numbers as you can. Typically, you can choose to play from 1 to 15 numbers, known as Spots.

Play and Win at Casino Época

We want you to enjoy the finest online gambling New Zealand has to offer whenever you pay us a visit, no matter what the actual outcome of your game may be, so we’ve got the best of everything at hand for you to take advantage of.

This includes not only excellent online pokies, the chance to enjoy any number of different online Blackjack games, and Keno games of the highest order, but the biggest bonuses, promotions, and special offers as well.

Microgaming is our Keno casino software developer, and this company has more than earned the first-rate reputation it has garnered. Just try a game or 2 and see for yourself! You can enjoy online Keno from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and enjoy the same great game range, flawless functioning, and excellent real money prizes on each.

Signing up is easy to do, signing in is even easier. You have the chance to enjoy the very best of what’s on offer in terms of real money gameplay whenever you spend some time at our site.

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