New Zealand's Top Online Pokies

The online pokies that we offer to players at Casino Época are, naturally, the best that you will find in New Zealand; and quite possibly the rest of the world too. They’re developed by Microgaming, as all our games are, and have earned the platform particular renown. When you see how well designed and executed each game is, you’ll understand why.

The basic aim of any pokies game is to spin the reels and then hope that their symbols line up in pre-set patterns, called paylines. When this happens you’ll be paid out depending on the specific symbol combination you landed and how much you wagered in the first place. From this simple structure, Casino Época weaves worlds of entertainment that will enthral you for hours! We offer a spectacular collection of Classic, Video and Progressive Jackpot pokies.

Classic Pokies

Classic pokies are the simplest pokies games you’ll find at Casino Época, and are inspired by the first pokies machines that appeared in the bars of Brooklyn and San Francisco at the beginning of the 20th century. The symbols on the reels are similar to those of the old machines, and there are usually no Special Features involved in the games. They appeal to pokies purists and are also the ideal games for beginners who are still learning how online pokies work. Their generous payouts make them a hit with everybody else!

Video Pokies

Video pokies are more detailed and immersive that Classic pokies, and players tend to include these in their game line-up as they gain more experience. They often don’t pay out as much as Classic pokies do, so it’s something of a trade-off between involved action and bigger rewards. Having said that, the prizes on the Video pokies at Casino Época are more than generous! Each Video pokies game is based on a central theme, which might be a blockbuster franchise, ancient mythology, or anything else the creative designers at Microgaming could think of. As you progress further in the game, Special Features that are inspired by the game’s motif will be triggered to engage you even more.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies

When you want to add another level of excitement to your pokies action, Progressive Jackpot games are the perfect way to do it. These function as normal pokies games do, with the possibility of triggering a Progressive Jackpot at any time. You might be lucky enough to land a randomly triggered Progressive Jackpot, or you might need to land a specific symbol combination, depending on the game.

Progressive Jackpots are created with contributions from every bet made on every game on the Progressive Jackpot network, and are much bigger than a single machine would ever be able to award!Enjoy the best online pokies at Casino Época and spin your way to big wins!