Video Poker Entertainment at Casino Época

Video Poker casino games can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re getting into, but we’re here to help! Once you understand the basics of how these Microgaming titles work, and discover the great real money rewards to be had for playing them, you’ll find it difficult to step away from playing.

What are Video Poker Games?

They are computerised online casino slots machine-type Poker games, where you will be trying to make returns based on the card combinations you are able to create from the 5 cards dealt to you.

The outcomes for the hands will rely on the selections of a Random Number Generator, or RNG, which constantly mixes up the deck, whether you are hitting the Deal button or not. When you do eventually select the Deal button, or Draw, the RNG stops at whatever combination it has reached at that precise moment and you will receive the cards you’ve requested.

A Deck for Each Game

Every Video Poker game will have its own deck of cards, and you should treat it as a single-hand game. If you get bored of playing just 1 game at a time, you can draw up a new 5-card hand on another title if you like, or enjoy a Multi-Hand game title if you want to as well. You will need a working knowledge of the Poker rankings for hands, and your payouts will depend on which hand you have been able to create.

Draw Poker Rules for Computerised Play

The rules for these games are the same as those governing a Draw Poker game, except that you won’t be playing against anyone else. You simply want to create the best 5-card Poker hand you can.

Clicking Deal gives you your first 5 cards, and you can select which ones to Hold and which to Discard, receiving replacements according to the latter. You will then be paid out based on the strength of the hand you have managed to create.

Unlike games like pokies,online Keno, and Bingo, Video Poker relies largely on your own level of skill, much like online Blackjack does. The returns for different hands will be detailed on your playing screen, and these should be your first point of reference before you begin a game.

When it comes to these games, there is no better casino software developer to look to than Microgaming, so of course that’s what we’ve got for you to enjoy here at Casino Época! One of the many reasons Microgaming games are as beloved as they are is that they combine incredible graphics and animations with an extraordinarily low house edge. In many cases, the latter amounts to less than 1%, which makes these games some of the most played at our site, rivalling even our premium online pokies selection.

Thanks to many of us having to adjust our play to lower budgets, this advantage of the lower house edge provides the chance to really extend gameplay overall, and have that much more fun and value for money. Start winning when you sign in and play Video Poker games at Casino Época New Zealand now!