Enjoy Online Roulette at Casino Época

One of the first images that springs to mind when people mention the world casino is that of the Roulette wheel, and, even if you have never played this game before, there is no doubt that you know exactly which one it is. This game is, in fact, one of the oldest in existence, and its popularity is still in evidence today, especially at Casino Época’s Trinidad and Tobago casino!

Microgaming powers all of our online Roulette and other casino games, such as Blackjack and Roulette, so you can look forward to flawless function and totally immersive audio-visuals whenever you stop by. You will feel like you are enjoying the game at a glamorous casino, no matter where you may log in from.

Playing Online Roulette is Easy and Fun

There is no real difference between playing online Roulette and the game as it is enjoyed at land-based casinos, except that the Casino Época version has convenience and speed that can’t be matched!

The online Roulette wheel gets spun, and a silver ball drops into it. This wheel is segmented into different pockets, and your wager will be on which of these the ball will end up in when the spinning comes to a stop. You place your bets onto the specially marked areas of the Roulette table. 

American vs. European Roulette

The most popular variations of online Roulette are American and European. The American Roulette wheel has an additional 0 pocket alongside the 36 numbered segments, alternately coloured black and red, and this increases the house edge from 2.7% to 5.26%, making it perfect for players who enjoy more of a challenge. Rules like en prison and la partage can help you reduce this edge, but the final decision in online Roulette games always comes down to luck.

The Best Betting Options for Online Roulette

In online Roulette games, the simplest bets are placed at the outside edge of the table, and this is why they are known as Outside wagers. These have only 1 of 2 outcomes possible, and include Odd or Even, First 18 or Second 18 and Red or Black.

Inside bets relate to more specific outcomes, and ask you to wager on exactly which of the panels the ball will end up in. As the bets get more particular, the odds increase as well, as do the rewards, so the extra risk becomes well worth it when you watch your bank balance boost.

Play the Online Roulette Games You Love

The incredible design of our online Roulette games boast incredible graphics, superb animations, and sound effects that will immerse you entirely. Random Number Generators are there to ensure that the games’ outcomes are always fair, too.

Casino Época further provides you with the chance to take the fun and real money wins of online Roulette with you wherever you go, thanks to our mobile casino. You can use your tablet or smartphone as you please in order to access this casino classic on the go. You will also find that a great array of the other types of casino games we provide are optimised for mobile play, and you can look forward to online slots and more wherever you are.

Get Winning with Online Roulette at Casino Época

Starting your Casino Época journey is easy to do, and requires simply that you sign up, or log in, deposit your money, claim your Welcome Bonus or other offer, and set the wheel spinning.

We are here to ensure that you always have a good time when you enjoy online Roulette and more at Casino Época, Trinidad and Tobago’s favourite online casino!